LHA is a well respected, independent and reputable London talent agency, promoting high quality attention in Personal Management for a selective list of actors.

We value the individuality of our artists, working closely with each of our clients to fully understand and appreciate what each wants to achieve in their career. We use our extensive professional and personal network to help our clients achieve their goals & sustain a successful career, and we are proud to have a high percentage of active and pending contracts covering screen and theatre worldwide. 

Our efficient, professional & approachable service offers close personal contact, guidance & support including mental health awareness.  

We are registered with The PMA (Personal Managers' Association) and so therefore any developments within the industry concerning our clients we always pass on.

We use and recommend Theataccounts Ltd
We advise all clients to be Equity members
Our legal representatives are Clintons of Covent Garden
Industry Minds
LHA London is registered with the PMA